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As of 10 January 2022

General terms

The following terms of contract shall apply to business transactions between SS-Työstö Ltd and its customers. SS-Työstö Ltd reserves the right to change these terms of contract based on unilateral decision-making and without prior notice. Orders are subject to the terms of contract in force at the time of ordering, which can be read on the website of online shop.

SS-Työstö Ltd cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from force majeure. A force majeure refers to an unforeseen event or change of circumstances that is beyond the control of SS-Työstö Ltd and that SS-Työstö Ltd cannot reasonably resolve. In addition, when fulfilling the contract would require sacrifices that are unreasonable compared to their benefit to the customer, SS-Työstö Ltd is not obliged to fulfil the contract. SS-Työstö Ltd must notify the customer of a force majeure event as soon as possible.

Products and pricelist

The prices of the online shop are exclusive of VAT. The current VAT will be added to the prices of orders placed from Finland.

Delivery costs will be based on the weight, size and destination of the order. You can see the delivery costs before placing the order.

Sales area

We deliver all products from our online shop to Finland, Sweden and Norway. If you are outside of these countries, please contact us to receive special delivery options. Worldwide delivery is possible upon special order.

Delivery time

The products in stock usually leave our factory within one to three working days. The transport time within Finland is usually one working day, to Sweden and Norway it is three to six working days. The ultimate delivery time varies depending on the distance to the destination and the individual location. The delivery time to other countries will be specified on a case-by-case basis.

Some of our products are available in stock, while others are manufactured only after they are ordered.

For each product in the online shop, you can see if it is available in stock or a product sold with a longer delivery time (manufactured after the order). Next to the products, there is a button that you can use to ask about a more exact delivery time.

The liability for risk is transferred to the customer when the product, in compliance with the contract, is delivered to the customer or to an independent freight carrier for transport, unless otherwise stated in the delivery clause. If the product is not delivered at the right time due to the customer or circumstances depending on the customer, the liability for risk is transferred to the customer when SS-Työstö Ltd has done what it is expected to do to ensure the delivery, in compliance with the contract.


SS-Työstö Ltd is obliged to notify the customer of a delay immediately after finding out about it, and to simultaneously specify the reason for the delay and an estimated new delivery date. If a delivery is delayed because our subcontractor or component supplier has not fulfilled their contract, SS-Työstö Ltd shall not be liable to compensate the Customer for potential damages incurred as a result of this.

If the delivery of a product is delayed, and the delay is not due to the customer or circumstances depending on the customer, the customer, however, has no right to claim the delivery if there has been a change of circumstances which essentially changes the relationship of the originally agreed obligations to render services.

If the delay is due to the negligence of SS-Työstö Ltd, the customer may claim compensation for a proven direct damage. The maximum compensation for damage is 0.5% of the price of the delayed part of delivery for each full week after the delivery date. However, the total compensation can amount to a maximum of 5% of the tax-exclusive price of the delayed part of the delivery.

Ordering and paying

The products are ordered online by using the e-shopping basket at the website. All orders are confirmed by email, specifying the price of the order, delivery costs, estimated delivery time, and the ordered products. To receive a confirmation of order, a functioning email address must be submitted when placing the order. The customer agrees to the delivery terms valid for each order. After the order, an invoice will be sent to the customer. When the invoice has been paid and the payment has appeared on the account, the ordered products will be sent to the customer within the agreed schedule. Ownership of the products remains with SS-Työstö Ltd until the products have been paid in full.


Customers must submit their complete contact details when placing orders. The following details are needed: the name, phone number and email address of the contact person; the business ID, complete postal address, phone number, and invoicing address of the company.

Liability for defects and warranty

Our products come with a two-year warranty unless the contract documents define a shorter warranty period. The warranty is in force in single-shift operation. SS-Työstö Ltd ( must be notified of an identified fault without delay or within seven working days from the delivery date, at the latest. If the device contains components manufactured and designed by other suppliers than SS-Työstö Ltd, these components shall be subject to the warranty terms of the supplier in question. SS-Työstö Ltd has primarily the right to repair the fault, or to deliver a new product. Opening the product physically to modify the device will end the warranty and seller’s liability. The warranty does not cover wearing parts such as brake pads, brake disks and cutter blades. SS-Työstö Ltd is not liable for any damage or capacity reduction that results from the use of other than original wearing parts or spare parts. SS-Työstö Ltd is not liable for any damage resulting from the breaking of a part under warranty. The liability of SS-Työstö Ltd only covers faults that occur in working conditions that comply with the contract and when the product is used in the correct way. The liability does not cover faults that result from circumstances after the reception of the product, such as insufficient maintenance, incorrect installation or alterations performed without written consent from SS-Työstö Ltd, incorrect repairs or adjustments by the customer, or natural wear or deterioration.

Cancellation of the contract

The customer has the right to cancel the contract if the delivery by SS-Työstö Ltd essentially differs from what has been agreed and the deficiency is not rectified within reasonable time from the customer’s written notice, or if a new product is not delivered according to the contract. The customer may also cancel the contract if the delivery is delayed due to circumstances depending on SS-Työstö Ltd so that it causes unreasonable harm to the customer. If the object of purchase has been manufactured or purchased especially for the customer according to the instructions and wishes of the customer, and if SS-Työstö Ltd cannot use the product in another way without a loss that is more than trifling, the customer may cancel the contract of sale because of the delay of SS-Työstö Ltd only if the purpose of the purchase remains essentially unattainable to the customer due to the delay.

If the purchase price is not paid in due time for reasons other than those caused by SS-Työstö Ltd, SS-Työstö Ltd has the right to cancel the transaction or the part of the transaction concerning a product not yet received by the customer, in case the delay is substantial. SS-Työstö Ltd has the right to cancel the contract also when, based on a notification by the customer or otherwise, it is obvious that the customer’s payment would be significantly delayed. In addition, SS-Työstö Ltd can cancel the contract if the customer does not complete the transaction as agreed, or as can otherwise reasonably be expected, and within the time limit set by SS-Työstö Ltd. SS-Työstö Ltd can also cancel the contract if the customer postpones the delivery time until after the agreed deadline. SS-Työstö Ltd has the right to cancel the contract without liability to compensate if the delivery of the product becomes impossible, or essentially more expensive than originally expected by SS-Työstö Ltd, due to an international treaty or regulation on import binding for Finland or the destination country, or due to other actions taken by the authorities (e.g., import ceilings and restrictions or elevated customs duties).

Liability for damages

SS-Työstö Ltd shall not be liable for any damage caused by the connection or use of the product in a context other than its intended use. Neither shall SS-Työstö Ltd be liable for any damage caused by a raw material that complies with the instructions given by the customer, or damage caused by the product structure or a working/manufacture method determined by the customer.

The liability for damages of SS-Työstö Ltd is limited to the selling price paid by the customer. In no event shall SS-Työstö Ltd be liable for any consequential, indirect or extraordinary damage, such as production loss, loss of profit or other consequential losses.

If SS-Työstö Ltd becomes liable to compensate a third party due to a damage or loss, the customer shall indemnify SS-Työstö Ltd against the loss caused by this, if SS-Työstö Ltd has been exempted from liability for a corresponding damage or loss caused to the customer, in compliance with sections (i) or (ii) below.

When the product is in the possession of the customer, SS-Työstö Ltd shall not be liable for any damage caused by it (i) to fixed or movable property, or which is a consequence of such damage, or (ii) to a product manufactured by the customer, or to a product that contains a product manufactured by the customer.

If a third party presents a claim for damages based on this section to the customer or to SS-Työstö Ltd, the other party must be immediately notified of it in writing.


To deliver parcels, we use Posti Express Business Day (deliveries of max. 35 kg), and for pallet deliveries Posti Logistiikka (deliveries of min. 35 kg). International deliveries via DHL Freight. Deliveries are based on a contract made by SS-Työstö Ltd and paid by the customer unless agreed otherwise.


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Several orders

When your order includes several products, we aim at delivering all of them at the same time. Products that are not available at the time of delivery will be delivered as soon as they become available unless you specify otherwise.

Typographical errors

If a product has been listed at an incorrect price due to a typographical error or error in pricing information received from our suppliers, we have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for a product listed at the incorrect price. SS-Työstö Ltd has the right to refuse or cancel any such orders, whether or not the order has been confirmed and charged.

We reserve the right to change the prices and delivery costs. If the price of a product changes before the shipment is processed, the ordered products will be delivered at the original price.

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